Students at each of Harvard University's nine River Houses received sealed invitations to come out for the introductory punch event for "The Pigeon," Harvard's self-proclaimed "Newest Final Club.” According to the flyer “Jews need not apply," yet the African-American community is welcome, as it clearly reads: "Coloreds OK."

Three "virtues" are listed on the invitation, with the first being "Inclusion," followed by the "Jews need not apply" comment. Second was "Diversity," accompanied by the words “Seriously, no fucking Jews. Coloreds OK.” The final pillar was "Love," along with the word "Rophynol," an attempt at "rohypnol," the date rape drug more commonly known as "roofies."

Guests were instructed to wear "Semi-Bro Attire" to the December 13 event, which was scheduled to take place at frozen yogurt shop Berryline at 11:02 p.m.—two minutes after closing time. Students were encouraged to RSVP with regrets to a room in the Mather House.

A student who lives in the five-person suite says that she and her suitemates had nothing to do with the distribution of the invitations. Many members of the Harvard community feel that the invitations were satirical, but still went too far.

[via The Crimson