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It's time to discover why the late, great Akira Kurosawa's 1950 classic Rashomon is one of the most influential films of all time. And thanks to the Criterion Collection, the iconic Japanese filmmaker's crown jewel is now all the more enticing.

Not that the movie itself needs any bonus goodies. Centered around the enigmatic murder of a samurai, Rashomon presents the differing recollections of various witnesses, a nifty storytelling tactic that's since been employed by directors working on courtroom thrillers, crime dramas, and even forgettable junk like 2008 assassination flop Vantage Point (forgive Kurosawa for that unfortunate aftereffect).

This fresh Criterion package is crammed with first-rate features, including a new digital restoration, a video introduction from acclaimed director Robert Altman, a booklet featuring a critical essay and reprints of two adapted short stories, and the new hour-long documentary "A Testimony as an Image."