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Chances are, you've seen at least one of Christopher Nolan's recent Dark Knight movies, and, more than likely, you're a big fan. Well, here's the movie that started the Nolan's impeccable legacy: Following, the then-28-year-old British filmmaker's independently made, black-and-white debut that's equal parts crime noir and psychological thriller. The concept is fascinatingly creepy: A hard-up writer (Jeremy Theobald) spends his days walking anonymously behind people and watching their every moves, which leads him to randomly follow someone who leads him into a world of robbery and murder.

Nolan completists, stand up. The Criterion Collection's Following release includes an audio commentary from Nolan, a lengthy interview with him, and Doodlebug, the director's very rare 1997 three-minute short film (also starring Theobald).