Think movies like Bully and Kids uncomfortably show teenagers' darkest sides? Count your blessings for the fact that nobody's made a movie about these sickos yet.

In 2008, Nikolai Ogolobyak (a former church choir boy) and his young Satanist followers Alexander Voronovic and Anya Gorokhova brought four peers (three girls and one boy, seen in the image above) into the woods surrounding a cottage in Russia's Yaroslavl region and, allegedly, made the four victims drink alcohol. Then, they stabbed all four kids 666 times each and, once they were dead, partially ate them. Most of the victims' remaining body parts were eventually found near Ogolobyak's apartment complex.

When arrested, one of Ogolobyak's partners-in-crime told the authorities, "Satan will help me avoid responsibility; I made many sacrifices to him." Another said, more bluntly, "I tried to to turn to God, but it didn't bring me any money. I prayed to Satan, and things improved."