Barbra Streisand may have found a star for her upcoming Gypsy remake...Lady Gaga? According to CinemaBlend, the living legend is considering casting the singer as the lead character Louise, in the project that has been in the works for several years now. From Joel Stein's recent Time Magazine column on the singer

Other than the temperature controlling and backseat driving, Barbra was a really fun, mellow driving buddy. She told me about her cousin Lowell, I told her what a mullet is, she told me she’s thinking of casting Lady Gaga as the lead in her remake of Gypsy, and I told her I was really, really cold.

So, two things: Barbra Streisand did not know what a mullet was (oh, sweet, sweet Barbra), and Lady Gaga, whose claim to fame is wearing a meat dress to MTV's 2010 VMAs, is frontrunner to play shy, insecure singer Louise. It's the first bit of info that's been released on the project in a while - the only recent news has been the report that Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes has been enlisted to write the script - and, we've gotta say, it doesn't disappoint.

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[via CinemaBlend]