Year: 2013
Rating: 83
Crucial Stat: 18.1 PER
The Difference: Stephen Curry is the only guy on this list who is eventually going to earn his high ratings. Dead-eye shooter, he's become a better point guard in every season he's been a pro and right now, the Warriors look pretty good as a result (among some other things). His rating has gone up every year he's been in the game since 2K10. He started at 69, went to 80, stayed there for a year, and is now an 83. For a promising player who is improving, these seem like fair numbers. And even this season, the defense that everyone has pointed to has shown significant improvement. Steph Curry has a bright future, probably as the second-best guy on a playoff contender. But if you only had the 2K games to go by, you might think Steph Curry is an MVP candidate. For the most part he doesn't miss, whether shooting 26-footers or slicing to the lane. He is a pest on defense and fast so he gets a lot of fast-break layups. Do yourself a favor and just play as the Warriors (they're so much fun) and just avoid all the aggravation.