Appeared in: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

In Tolkien’s world, goblins were savage orc-like creatures who laid claim to the Misty Mountains, which used to be the kingdom of the dwarves. On their own, these goblins were nothing more than an inconvenient infestation, but their leader, the Great Goblin, is what made them such a force. He made this anarchistic group dangerous by making them fear him, thus they followed his orders and worked towards his own selfish ends.

Misshapen and grotesque, the Great Goblin—or Goblin King as he’s referred to in the movie—is one of the best additions to Peter Jackson’s cinematic version of Middle Earth. Looking like a slimy cross between Sloth and the Elephant Man, the Great Goblin is a bulbous monstrosity with a seemingly never-ending army at his command. Once again, we have to give props to the digital artists at WETA for making ugly look so good.