In news that should have comic book and horror fans everywhere smiling from ear to ear, Latino Review is reporting that director Guillermo del Toro has signed on to direct an ensemble superhero movie for Warner Brothers featuring the supernatural characters of the DC Universe. Tentatively titled Heaven Sent, the film will feature the likes of Swamp Thing, Deadman, The Spectre, John Constantine, Zatanna, The Phantom Stranger, Zatara, Etrigan, and Sargon as they are forced to join together to fight off an evil threat.

Apparently this is due to del Toro’s Pacific Rim testing off the charts with audiences, which made Warner Bros. realize that the dude can pretty much do anything. The company lawyers are all scrambling to make sure that the rights to all of these characters are available to the studio, so if this ever does see the light of day, the roster might be tweaked somewhat. Also, this would still be a ways off, so don’t expect this to compete with Avengers 2 or Justice League in 2015.

It’s not often that a comic book movie would be able to attract hardcore horror fans, but with the combination of a stacked roster and del Toro, Heaven Sent (we really hope they change that name) could be a rare change of pace for the stagnant superhero genre.

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[via Latino Review]