If there's one thing Jason Voorhees hates more than people thinking he was the killer in the first Friday the 13th movie, it's the thought of two pretty young folks having premarital sex. A tradition in the popular slasher movie franchise, the seemingly undead hockey-masked murderer's penchant for slicing up victims in mid-coitus is one of his many charming qualities, and in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (false advertising, obviously), Jason ends intercourse in the craziest of manners.

A couple of anonymous, well-groomed targets (aren't they all in Friday the 13th flicks, though?) are enjoying some hanky-panky in a tent, out in the woods, with the naked girl riding her male suitor like a Texas bar's mechanical bull. Just as the guy is about to climax, Jason rips through the tent with his trusty machete, pulls the blade upward, and slices the girl in half, spraying her blood all over the poor guy who'd probably never have sex again. It's probably a good thing that Jason offs him shortly after.