The iPhone 5 will not be available for purchase until September 21, but that has not stopped a line of Apple fanboys and fangirls from forming. On September 16, nearly a week before release, a line of eager consumers formed in front of Apple's Fifth Avenue location in New York City. With pre-orders selling out in an hour, hitting a retail location on Friday is your only option to secure the device.

Errand service TaskRabbit recently started a service in New York and San Francisco to secure your place in line for the iPhone 5 from a retail location. With TaskRabbit you can have your spot in line secured in four-hour blocks for $55. It wouldn't be cost effective to utilize the service this far ahead of the release date, but it could come in handy Thursday going into Friday morning if you have duties to attend to that are more important than standing in line to secure a smartphone.

Unlike Zaarly, which allows you to choose your price, TaskRabbit has called the iPhone 5 program an "experiment" with a set price.

Do you think TaskRabbit's service is overpriced? Are you going to use an errand service like Zaarly or TaskRabbit for your iPhone purchase this week?

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