Amanda Bynes strange behavior continues.

The troubled actress locked herself in a dressing room at Kin in West Hollywood yesterday for two hours. That's probably a little more time than one needs to decide if their butt looks okay in that dress.

Clerks at the store say they heard banging sounds coming from the dressing room every ten minutes, and at one point they tried to get her out. No dice.

"I need more time," she said.

Eventually she emerged from the dressing room and sauntered over to the register where she paid for a pair of stilettos and a pair of sunglasses, among other things. Then she tried to make her way out the door, but realized she still had on a bathing suit top under her dress. She'd apparently forgotten she had it on? She then paid for that too.

Motorists all over California silently rejoiced when she decided to have a store clerk call her a cab instead of driving herself.

"I was so worried about her," said a store clerk. "I didn't know what she was doing in [the dressing room]. I didn't know if she was overdosing, or doing drugs or what."

[via TMZ]