Trailer Park: Take Your Last Look At “The Master” Before It Finally Hits Theaters

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been pummeled by new clips and trailers for Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming drama, The Master. And just when we thought we had a handle on the movie, this new trailer for the film manages to show us a completely new tone for the story that changes our perception of what to expect from it.

Gone are the serene shots of oceans and small towns from the first two trailers, which are replaced by a pounding intensity that drives this footage into our heads. All of the romanticism is stripped away from the story here, and what we’re left with is a primitive drumming that slowly builds until a climax. And as all of this violence and anger is boiling over, Philip Seymour Hoffman kindly reminds us that man is not an animal. How fitting. 

Amy Adams and Hoffman look to be at the top of their game here, but it’s evident that this is Joaquin Phoenix’s story. While we don’t know how all of this footage fits together yet, it looks like his journey throughout the movie will be absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

If you want an early peek at a potential Oscar candidate, be sure to find a theater that is playing The Master when it comes out on September 14.

[via Indie Wire

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