This fall, Marvel Entertainment will launch Marvel NOW – a soft reboot of many of the company’s comics, which will feature new creative teams and directions for its most famous books. And one of the high-profile reboots that has the attention of comic book fans is the new Iron Man series by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Greg Land. In the book, the dangerous Extremis virus gets introduced into the public and onto the black market. In order to stop it, Tony Stark must craft a new armor and battle the evil forces looking to use Extremis for their own selfish means.

And now, courtesy of Marvel, we have some unlettered preview art from Iron Man #1 by Greg Land. Right away, Iron Man’s new armor is put in the spotlight as the famous red and gold color scheme is replaced by a much sleeker design. Check it out below!

Iron Man #1 will hit stores on November 7.