In 2007's 2 Days in Paris, French writer/director/actress Julie Delpy took a look at the deteroration of a New York couple during their short European vacation, specifically following their trip to Paris, where they meet with Delpy's character Marion's parents, extended family, and string of ex-lovers who she's still kept in contact with over the years. 

Five years later, Delpy's at it again with a sequel, 2 Days in New York, that sees Marion back living in NYC with her new boyfriend (Chris Rock who gives one of the best non-comedic performances by a comedian) and her young son, and follows her parents, sister, and sister's boyfriend visiting them on vacation from France. Needless to say, things during their trip don't exactly go smoothly. Family, eh?

In addition to starring Delpy, both the original and sequel also feature French actress Alexia Landeau as Marion's sister, previously best known to American audiences as Cheryl in 2002's Moonlight Mile. Though Landeau's filmography prior to her role in these films looks rather small on her IMDb page, judging by her performance, she's definitely one to watch for in the future. 

In honor of the film's US theatrical release this week, we compiled a list of 15 other amazing French actresses you should know about, with images that speak for themselves and suggestions of their best work so you can marathon it all on Netflix. Trust us, with these ladies, broadening your cultural horizons has never been more enjoyable.

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