A young Chinese couple was arrested after allegedly accidentally hitting a woman with their car and proceeding to bury her despite the fact that she may have still been alive. 

The incident happened late last month, according to local reports. The couple had spent the night drunkenly singing karaoke before the accident happened. "A witness said he heard someone crying and saw an elderly woman lying on the ground," a police official told a local newspaper. "A man and a woman got out and put the elderly woman in the car, saying they would send her to hospital."

They didn't, though, instead driving the 68-year-old victim to a construction site, where they buried her. A spokesman for a local public security bureau said that it is certain the woman was still alive when she was buried, adding, "preliminary judgment of the cause of death is brain injury by the impact from the car and asphyxia."

Police were alerted to the body when a pair of construction workers found an abandoned car belonging to the couple with a cracked windshield and no license plates. The victim's body was found buried nearby.

The couple, both said to be 25 years old, were placed in criminal detention. 

[via New York Daily News]