This is by far the most creative and daring dine and ditch method we've seen.

Four men walked into Melbourne's critically-acclaimed Vue de Monde restaurant, ordered Negroni cocktails and promptly jumped off the balcony—without paying. Oh yeah, the restaurant is located on the 55th floor of the Rialto Towers.

Don't worry, they had parachutes and all, but how the hell did they pull this off? Despite the huge barriers you see in the second image above, and the fact that they weren't allowed to bring briefcases into the restaurant, they still pulled the illest swindle ever.

The men wore parachutes under their business suits, then changed in the bathroom. They locked the balcony doors behind them and lept down to the their getaway car. Police are extremely salty about this, but why wouldn't they be?

[via Eater]

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