Rumors about the mystery game from Respawn Entertainment have been swirling around for years now. Well now there's finally a little hard evidence about the game's release timetable. French gaming site HardGamers claims to have gotten their hands on an EA Projects marketing calendar, which lists a game titled "Respawn" as a March, 2013 release. The list was found through a wiki, whose creator is listed as "pmarineau" A.K.A. EA Marketing Director Phil Marineau.

Aside from the occasional blurry image, the only real information Respawn has provided about their game is that it will be multi-platform.

The list also indicates that  a new version of the classic strategy game Populous is in the works. The same list that outed "Respawn" also names The Secret WorldOverstrikePopulous, and Outernauts, as 2013 releases.

Populous, a strategy game released for PC and NES, was Fable creator Peter Molyneux original claim to fame. There hasn't been so much as a peep indicating that a remake or update has been in development.

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