Across the nation, the Occupy movement spent time with their new families, fellow protestors, to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. While most activities remain turkey-centric, there were of course, a few squabbles.

San Francisco: Glide Memorial Church showed their support for the Occupy cause and fed 400 protestors Thanksgiving dinner. "We are thankful that we believe that there are things that could be worked out and that we have a sense of hope. But we know that hope only comes when you make a stand," said church founder, Rev. Cecil Williams.

Oakland: A good samaritan attempted to deliver a portable toliet to protestors, and was denied for not having permits. 150 protesters attempted to fight for their right to potty, resulting in one arrest.

Los Angeles: Activist Teri Adaju served Thanksgiving dinner to L.A. protestors at City Hall, where over 480 tents now occupy the lawn.

San Diego: Four protestors were arrested at the Civic Center Plaza: three for sleeping on public grounds and the fourth for spitting on a police officer.

New York: Occupy Wall Street's Kitchen Working Group over 3,000 Thanksgiving dinners, over 500 of which were distributed to communities in need. Tensions arose later in the day when police received a complaint about loud drumming from the park, and came to stop the music. Protestors fought for their freedom of speech, arguing, "Why don't you arrest the drummers in the Thanksgiving parade?" 

[via ABC News and Gothamist]