First Appeared: Doug (Episode 1, "Doug Bags a Nematoad," August 11, 1991)
Founding Father: Jim Jinkins
Notable Residents: Doug, Porkchop, Patti, Skeeter, Roger, Beebe

Bluffington is the land of dreamy adolescence. Brought to you by the wild and often insecure imagination of one Douglas Yancey Funnie (why would he not go by Yancey?), Bluffington seems to know no limit when expressing the manic thoughts of your favorite journaling, banjo-sporting eleven-year-old. Days at the middle school, nights at the Honker Burger, listening to the Beets on the radio, battling bad grades, being in love with Patti Mayonaise, surviving Roger Klotz—there's such sweet nostalgia in all of it. Doug is as delightfully ineffectual in real life as he is brazenly adventurous in his imagined life, and somewhere in between this show captures a hazy beauty similar to The Wonder Years, but for a later generation.