The search for a new Die Hard 5 director is over! The chosen one who has beat the likes of Noam Murro (300: Battle of Artemisia), Joe Cornish (Attack The Block), and Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 5) is Fox studio darling John Moore. After Bruce Willis said he was activing looking for a new helmer for the series back in February, Deadline reports that the Max Payne director is now in final negotiations to direct the latest John McClane tale.

No one knows what the plot is going to be about, as all that's been confirmed is that production will take place in Russia. The script was written by Skip Woods, who is best known for writing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team, and Hitman. That's not exactly the best resume known to man, so we can only hope and pray that the fifth installment of the action/adventure franchise will contain the three B's: babes, bombs, and badassery!

We'll keep you posted as more news develops.

[via Deadline]