It’s no secret that Toy Story 3 was among the best films released last year, and, along with its high critical praise, the movie also raked in over $1 billion worldwide. Now, Tom Hanks is telling the BBC that Toy Story 4 is indeed being worked on—of course.

Even though Toy Story 3 wrapped up the successful trilogy with a neat little bow and sent viewers home with a sense of closure, the bean-counters in Hollywood feel that it’s necessary to revisit the franchise in hopes of collecting more green. There's no release date yet, but with Cars 2 currently pulling in dough, along with sequels to Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles in the works, Pixar isn't about stop revisiting old franchises any time soon.

Fans of Toy Story don’t have to wait long to see their computer generated plastic companions return, though, since a new short film starring the classic characters, titled Hawaiian Vacation, is currently playing before Cars 2.

[Via BBC