Producer: Jack Taylor
Album: N/A
Label: Rojac

Amir: "When Large Professor used it, people were like, 'What the fuck is that sample?' He was really known for finding a lot of great 45s. That was one of those records that collectors would like to call a face melter. Like it melts your face when you hear it."

Kon: "[Laughs.] That was a record Amir had and he traded for some bullshit, and now that record goes for a lot of money. Actually I think DJ Spinna has Amir's copy, if I'm correct on that one. That's another crazy record and that's the scratching that you hear on Main Source 'Lookin at the Front Door.' But that's a pretty dope record as it is."

Sampled On: Main Source "Lookin' At The Front Door'" (1990)