On Tuesday, we had learned that Troy Ave was set to sign with Top Dawg Entertainment before, as he put it, "The whole shit just fell through." Troy recalled the time he says Kendrick Lamar gave him encouragement while he was in jail. And he said that a few days after talking to Lamar, he decided he was going to sign with TDE. "Yo, put the plan in action, man," he recalls saying to his manager at the time. "We gonna go out West when I come home and we gonna sign with TD."

He further recalled what he claimed went down at the time. "I always liked what they was doing. They kinda independent like us, but way bigger because they went and got with a major. They got shit that I like to see, like loyalty and unity, that type of shit. Cool. I give [Hovain] the whole play. Of course, he can't make that happen at all. At all. He doesn't make it happen. The whole shit just fell through."

Well, as it turns out, that's not true. At least not the part about almost joining TDE. That news came out on Wednesday, straight from the Twitter account of TDE's CEO, the Top Dawg:

It appears Top Dawg sent that out because he was sick of being asked for comment:

Maybe Troy's exaggerating what happened, or maybe his manager just never placed the call and made up some updates. Either way, he's going to receive blow back for this incident like, for example, all these:

We'll wait and see if he responds.