It's been a minute since Top Dawg Entertainment's Ab-Soul dropped his last album (2014's These Days), and it's looking like he's starting to get impatient to get new music out there. He took to Twitter today to express his thoughts on the dearth of new music, saying "'Preciate everybody that's been supporting me for the LONGTERM. I'm tryin man..." Although he implied he's hard at work on new material, he did note a bit of frustration. "This bench is gettin warm as fucc tho mayne," he said, adding, "Nonetheless, it's important to move as a unit. It's bigger than me. It's family." 

TDE's CEO Top Dawg tweeted his own response, writing "when i put u in the game u better be on fire n* gga...." Soulo responded, adding "Call me Jamal Crawford." While it looks like things are okay in the TDE camp, it's understandable that Ab-Soul is ready to get out there again after going over a year and a half without a new release. Hopefully 2016 will bring him more opportunities for him to get some new material out. You can check out both Top Dawg and Ab-Soul's tweets below.