Love Chief Keef or hate him, it's hard to deny the effects of his 2012 street anthem, "I Don't Like." Without getting into a debate about quality, there's only one undeniable facet of its success: A largely unknown rapper made one of the biggest songs of the year without ever entering a true "recording studio."

That's a far cry from a time when something you recorded in your mom's basement could barely pass for a demo (at best). Nowadays, both rappers and producers can pirate download legally purchase GarageBand, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, Logic, and any other number of recording products and make a quality song in their house, which empowers the artist to be creative just about anywhere they want. Hell, Juicy J recorded "Bandz a Make Her Dance" in someone's house with a sock over his microphone and it became a smash. Anything's possible, by anyone.