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In recent months, perhaps you've noticed that there are suddenly a million new white rappers. Like so many things in life, this is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it's always great to discover dope new artists and to see all types of people embracing this wonderful art form known as hip-hop.

On the other hand, white rappers have always carried a certain stigma (thanks Vanilla Ice!) because hip-hop was mostly created by Black and Latino kids living in the inner city. So it often feels like white rappers are seeking to colonize and bastardize somebody else's culture—much as they did with rock and jazz—in short, faking the funk.

To help you sort through this plethora of new rappers (just like we helped sort through every white rapper ever in The White Rapper Encyclopedia), Complex has designed a handy quiz to identify the new white rapper that best suits your taste. Click ahead and find out who you should (and shouldn't) be listening to...