Kanye West's new album So Help Me God is shrouded in secrecy, but tonight frequent collaborator and producer Hudson Mohawke went on Snapchat to post some information about what the actual CD will look like. As everyone knows, Snapchat stories are notoriously known to expire within a certain amount of seconds, but someone on Twitter screengrabbed his snap quickly before it deleted itself:

As you can see, there's a picture of the CD and a piece of paper above it that reads "So Help Me God," backwards (Snapchat takes mirrored pictures by default). Could this mean that the album is closer to release than we thought?

UPDATE: 03/12/2015 (10:20pm EST): False alarm. Hudson Mohawke confirmed that he doesn't have a Snapchat on his Twitter account:

Looks like we have to wait a little longer for some concrete information. It would be nice if the app could verify these accounts, though.