Dej Loaf: Although her debut tape was a bit of a snooze outside of singles “Try Me” and “Blood,” she's a strong rapper and sounds refreshingly great on hooks. There's room for growth, and the hype hasn't been overwhelming. There's a bubbling proto-scene in Detroit, and should an artist or two manage to pull something off, she would be well-placed to profit from a burgeoning moment as well.

Bobby Shmurda: Though his follow-up singles had yet to really catch on—some might argue Robby Rebel actually had the stronger follow-ups—there's a good chance he would have figured something out eventually. Unfortunately, it looks like he's probably not going to get the chance because if you get caught with a gun in New York, you're almost definitely going to do time. 

iLOVEMAKONNEN: To the mainstream, he remains something of a novelty. Maintains an invested audience of trendy cosmopolitans for as long as trendy cosmopolitans are liable to remain invested. Better him than OB O'Brien.

Snootie Wild: Clearly talented, in a go-for-the-throat shameless pop sense, and related to fucking Arthur Lee from the '70s rock band Love. That's cool as fuck. Would have been huge in 2004. Just give him a Grammy already.

Fetty Wap: Doesn't seem liable to become a huge star—he's too close in sound to a variety of similar-styled artists—but meets the hooks and bars requirements of a 2015 rapper. Will probably build into a steady trap radio regular a la Young Dolph and Shy Glizzy.

K-Camp: Always seems to end up on good tracks with good artists. Has good taste or an incredible plug at the label. Already technically has a bubbling 2015 hit. Can't recall what he sounds like, though, or a lyric he's written that wasn't a part of a chorus.

Father: Will remain an indie/college rap darling, which is not a bad place to be; hopefully continues to build his style step by step.

OG Maco: His ol' switcheroo—guys, I'm a serious rapper—was contrived. Will pull another switcheroo—I can still yell in 2015—by the end of the year.

O.T. Genasis: Best of luck, man.