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DJ Mustard's reign over hip-hop radio has sustained a lot longer than many expected. And despite the supposed limitations of his style—"It all sounds the same," cried legions of hip-hop fans who spent the early 2000s consuming slabs of basically-identical DJ Premier bangers—very few artists have managed to compete with his work on a major stage.

That's not to say that fake Mustards aren't everywhere, because they are. Just Google "Mustard YG type beat." But for the most part, almost no other producers biting his style have managed a major placement.

Of course, there are a few artists who've managed to slip hit records through the cracks, which we're here to celebrate. Because fuck it: as Too $hort—whose "19,999" could end up joining this list in a few months—says, get in where you fit in. With Mustard's album 10 Summers dropping tomorrow, we take a look at some songs that sound a lot like something he'd produce. 

An important note: because a few producers in the Bay Area were rocking with a similar Mustard style pre-Mustard, we've largely decided to exclude any cuts by the League of Starz or HBK gang members. There are two exceptions, which will be explained below.

Written by David Drake (@somanyshrimp)