Remember the '90s? What about the 2000s? 

We're a culture of retro-obsessed adults who can't seem to forget the ephemera of our own childhoods, always nostalgic for a time when the music was a lot better and the food a little sweeter. And yet we can't even remember it all correctly; hindsight isn't really 20/20. 

Some of the biggest songs in hip-hop history have been forgotten. Sometimes, we're happy they have been; other times it's a crime against art that certain talents would watch their creative products wallow in obscurity. 

Meanwhile, in the harsh light of the present, we judge the music of today by the standards of a false past, a kind of musical montage highlight reel: one in which we remember all the classics, but forget the stretches of derivative and clumsy awkwardness.

Want proof? Here are ten rap songs everyone forgot.

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