Boots continues his two-for (every other) Tuesday series by sharing "My Heart Is a Stone Today (Unharmed)" and "Sheep/Lookin' Muthafucka (Lude II)." The first record features a melodically dense backdrop, with Boots singing about his struggles in love. On the latter track, which in itself is two songs, Boots initially comes out the gate with airy vocals and hazy synth. That soon changes to a more intense vibe, as Boots turns to his lyrical playbook by describing a harsh reality, one that he experienced firsthand. "Lookin Muthakucka may or may not be about when a cop kicked me in the head & left me in jail for four days without processing me. Probably," Boots said on Twitter shortly after releasing his new songs. Sometimes the best music comes from the worst experiences.

On a related note, Boots also revealed the tracklist for his upcoming free mixtape Dust. The project is 16 songs in length and includes recent releases "Ride Ride Ride" and "Howl." You can view the tracklist below. Be on the lookout for more new music from Boots later this month.

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