There are few acts hotter than Future at the moment. He's been able to win over audiences and industry heads alike with both his unique sound and brand of the moment. But everyone isn't buying into the unconventional rapper/singer's movement. And by everyone, we mean George Michael. The "Faith" singer has refused to clear a sample of his song "Careless Whisper" for Future's DJ Clue-produced "Rockstar," featuring Nicki Minaj, which was set to appear on his new album. 

At a listening session Tuesday, March 25th, Future played the song for those in attendance and reportedly urged them to not only record the song, but to leak it as well. Some of the writers who showed up like Lowkey ( and Kaz (Stashed) recorded Instavid snippets of the track, providing fans with teasers of a song that they may never actually hear in entirety. So far, no one in attendance has dropped a phone-recording of the music yet. Guess we gotta have—what else—faith...that George Michael will come around, and allow Future Hendrix to flourish.