If you haven’t noticed by now, I write about my hometown of Detroit constantly. Whatever goes on here in terms of the city’s music scene that needs to be pushed out to the masses, I make it a point to get it out there so people know the deal.

While tons of people know about Detroit’s rich history in techno and hip-hop (amongst other music, but let’s not kid ourselves – this is a dance music site), people are starting to put their eyes on Detroit’s drum & bass scene. With monthlies like Konkrete Jungle Detroit, Bassline's The British Are Coming! series, and a plethora of one offs happening almost every weekend, it’s safe to say the scene – at least the part I know of – has regained its health.

Enter Todd Osborn, the staple of the production side of Detroit’s jungle scene – a man of many names (and stories), producing sultry disco edits as Osborne, showcasing his experiments in synthesis as Superstructure, and writing the jungle and ragga as Soundmurderer (with proper mentions to Tadd Mullinix as his partner in crime, under the name SK-1).

Check this version he did of Zinc’s (NOT Hype’s) legendary track "Super Sharp Shooter" posted, and as you hear, he's (rightly) unafraid to rep his home city.

As an added bonus, especially for my Detroit people, he posts in the track description:

“Soundmurderer & SK-1 show in Detroit, April 12th 2014. Details soon”

I’d feel quite sorry for you if you missed this with no excuse.