The folks at Hot Mom USA are considered DAD homies. We have that bass music parental bond going on, I guess. In any case, when they hit us with a preview of Rx's forthcoming "Strike Ah Pose" release, we immediately gravitated to DJ Earl's remix. Footwork is a personal passion of mine; no matter what you think I'm listening to, know that I'm probably rocking to some TEKLIFE in my off-time. See the shit in my dreams. That said, Earl turned this one into something magical. Dude's truly on the come up, and this proves that he deserves that seat at the table. Those jazzy keys, that low down thump. Proper hood shit with that new school glisten. And it can be yours on February 3, when they drop the full "Strike Ah Pose" EP (which also features remixes from Lucid and Mr. De').