Let me be so clear right now: drum & bass has been a part of my life since before dnb was a term, and I still wait for the day that drum & bass is on top of the heap when it comes to dance music. I spent years curating for a site that's sadly no longer with us, and the moment the U.S. wakes up and realizes how ill drum & bass is live... it's a wrap. Or maybe DAD just has to continue to be the catalyst of change that we have been. So, enter N3GUS.

A producer from Bristol, N3GUS first hit my radar back in 2011 with the banger "Fill Yer Boots." He spent 2012 with a number of solid releases under his belt, but it was 2013 where he decided to kick things into high gear, debuting his PowerOf3 imprint at the top of December. Outside of his work as a producer and now label head, N3GUS is a top-notch DJ. We had a feeling he'd rise to the challenge of curating a special Best of 2013 mix for us, highlighting what's been going down in the drum & bass scene, and he took it THERE. With producers like Wilkinson, TC, Alix Perez, Sigma, and others on our regular radar, it's great to see their highlights thrown up against bits from Frankee, Annix, Konichi, and others. He runs the full spectrum, taking you from light into dark with the greatest of ease. If drum & bass isn't your normal thing, this mix has the ability to convert you. Don't be scared.

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Jakes Intro.
1: Annix - Gold Chains (TC Rmx)
2: Dabs and MC Kwality - Skull and Bones (Sam Binga Rmx)
3: Addison Groove and Sam Binga - Rzor (Friction Rmx)
4: DC Breaks - Swag
5: Camo & Krooked - All Night
6: Break - Music is Better
7: DJ Marky & Invaderz - After Midnight
8: Wilkinson - Afterglow
9: Konichi - Field of Vibrations
10: Critical Impact feat. Jakes - The Illa
11: Seba - Under The Sun
12: Fred V & Grafix - Minor Happy
13: Konichi - Hotrocks
14: Wilkinson - Overdose VIP
15: Camo & Krooked - Faith
16: Klay - Grandmaster of Death
17: Mutated Forms - Stealth
18: Noisia ft Evol Intent - The Liquid
19: Wilkinson - Like it Hard
20: TC - Get Down Low
21: Sigma ft. Doctor - Rudeboy
22: Konichi - Helense Subtle VIP
23: Paul B - Drop by Drop
24: Bassnectar - The Matrix (The Upbeats Rmx)
25: TC - Into the Jungle
26: Mind Vortex - Gravity
27: Annix - Ghetto Blaster VIP
28: Frankee - Black Heart
29: Camo & Krooked - Loving You is Easy (S.P.Y Rmx)
30: Ad-Apt - Need Your Love (BCee Rmx)
31: PA - Bad Boy
32: Fred V & Grafix - Basilisk
33: Frankee - Flinstone
34: Alix Perez - Feelings of Regret
35: Technimatic - Bristol

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