In 2010, Billionaire Boys Club was mentioned on two ends of the rap spectrum. On one side Childish Gambino, who was just beginning to build a buzz for himself, mentioned the the brand on his I Am Just A Rapper mixtape. On the other, Pharrell once again brought BBC into his rhymes in a highly anticipated CRS track "Don't Stop"—the first time we heard Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell come together since their first collaboration, "Us Placers," in 2007.

"I'm on some BBC bape shit, I'm on some cake shit/ In the kitchen with the heat, making beats in my apron." —Pharrell on CRS' "Don't Stop"

"Billionaire Boys Club, I'm living it/One shirt, eight dubs, I'm spending it." —Childish Gambino on "I Love Clothes"