Album: M.O. (2013)
Producer: Pharrell Williams
Label: Republic

Nelly's comeback didn't jump off quite like we wanted this year. After his pop-leaning lead single "Hey Porsche" resulted in a triumphant return to the Billboard singles chart, the accompanying album M.O. struggled to follow through on that success. It wasn't for lack of trying, though. M.O. called in the big guns, tapping everyone from Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz to Nelly Furtado and country stars Florida Georgia Line.

Pharrell produced a third of the cuts on M.O., from follow-up single "Get Like Me" to shoulda-been-a-single "IDGAF." The latter of the two floats on uptempo drums and snaking, intertwining keys like a successor to the fleet dance pop P gifted Justin Timberlake for his debut, Justified. Between the jazzy production, Nelly and Pharrell's smooth hooks, and a clutch guest spot from T.I., "IDGAF" is a winner. It's a shame it didn't see release as a single in time to boost M.O.'s profile.