Favorite Song: "'The Way I Am' because it's me. I am who I am-I'm me. I ain't nobody else. I liked that song. It's just the way he is, fuck the radio, fuck everything man. He is who he is. If they don't like the music-step. That's how I do my music."

Favorite Album: "The Eminem Show and The Marshall Mathers LP. The Marshall Mathers LP was kind of dark. I like the lyrics on The Eminem Show. 'Superman' was my shit, I played it a million times back to back. Then when 8 Mile came out they had the 'Superman' uncut video. That shit was raw as fuck."

Favorite Moment: "The 8 Mile movie. He was rapping, freestyling-I used to watch that movie everyday. It was something like a life story, you know?"