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Joe Budden

Joe Budden's free spirit got the best of him. He was willing to try anything, until he heard his own song in the club and realized that a lot of "anything" just wasn't good. "In the early stages of my career, I was signed to a production company who had a lot to say on what I would record," he said to Vibe. "Plus, I was so open minded that I was willing to try almost anything. Records like 'Porno Star,' 'Roll Your Backyard,' and 'Jingling Baby'-those records are so far from anything that I would write personally. I was in the strip club about five years ago and I heard "Roll Your Backyard" come on and it was like my soul was cringing. It almost felt like I was going to throw up. That's when I decided I would never make another song that I didn't want to make."

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