The main stage featured a mountain about 50 feet or so high which many attendees immediately began calling "Mt. Yeezus." That mountain led to a triangular center stage where Kanye did most of his performance. The center stage elevated while Kanye performed a few songs, including "Coldest Winter." There was also a walkway about 30 feet long between the mountain and center stage, vividly illuminated by lights throughout the night.

Right above the mountain was a circular projector angled just enough so fans in the nosebleed sections could get a closer look at Kanye onstage. A little over halfway through the night, the mountain split in half and acted as a corridor for Kanye. Considering there were more than a dozen semi-trucks parked outside of the venue that transported all the equipment, it's clear that Kanye and DONDA pulled out all the stops for this elaborate set design.