Considering this is the Yeezus tour, it's no shock that Kanye performed every song from his latest studio album. He opened with "On Sight" and proceeded to run through Yeezus with "Blood on the Leaves," "New Slaves" and the performance-closing "Bound 2." He also sprinkled in a number of records from albums past, including "Power," "Flashing Lights" and "Heartless."

At nearly 30 songs altogether, it was a fairly thorough run through Kanye's catalog. However, a few notable 'Ye records were excluded from the setlist. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" and "Touch the Sky," both staples in his catalog, didn't get spotlighted here. He would also forgo "Monster," though quick verses from "Mercy" and "I Don't Like (Remix)" were enough to make up for this omission.