The Weeknd took the stage at the historic Paramount Theatre in Seattle on Tuesday for "The Fall" tour. It was the third show on his tour, which is scheduled to go through October. It was a monumental night for The Weeknd because it was also the release date for Kiss Land. 

After opening performances from Banks and Australian artist Anna Lunoe, the theatre went pitch black for The Weeknd's introduction, which included a large drape that posed as a silhoutte for the stage. When the lights slowly came up the drape dropped to the floor, and from there it was an audible and visual spectacle.

The Weeknd performed nearly all of his songs from Kiss Land as well as House of Balloons, with a few other records sprinkled in while the visual component of his show captivated the audience. The Weeknd's set time ran close to 90 minutes, and his stage presence and voice rarely wavered as the sold out crowd soaked in every moment he praised their energy. "Seattle, I fucking love you," he announced several times to a roaring response.

He also performed "Wicked Games" as an encore, which was a surreal moment with everyone in the crowd holding up their lighters and cell phones to illuminate the theatre.

The Weeknd's remaining dates for "The Fall" tour and show info can be found here

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