Nobody does real talk like Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack. The former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and Internet radio talk-show personality now hosts The Combat Jack Show, where hip-hop's biggest names are put on the front line. The questions will be tough—and shots will be fired. Co-hosted by Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, and Just Blaze, The Combat Jack Show appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Complex TV.

In the second part of our three part interview with Styles P on The Combat Jack Show, Styles explains some of his more notable statements on Twitter, including his decision to use "ninja" instead of "nigga" when talking online. "When you say 'nigga' amongst your people, or amongst your friends, or even amongst white people that are your friends, there's a certain tone where you know what it is," he said. "When you type it, you can't see tone typed." Stating that his usage of "nigga" is a term of endearment and respect, Styles P says the word covers any individual that genuinely appreciates rap music. "If you white and you love hip-hop, you a nigga."

Combat Jack also asks about a tweet that highlights "party rappers," a phrase Styles P uses to denounce rappers who lie about making music when they introduce themselves. "All rappers do this. When they see you, it's like, 'Yo, my nigga. What's good? Let's get in the studio.' You don't got to do that dog," Styles says. "We don't have to lie about making a song, or just because we see each other, now it's an interest in us doing a song. That's party rapping." 

With full production from Scram Jones and features from Raekwon, N.O.R.E. and Jadakiss, Styles P's latest album Float is in stores now.




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