Album: Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)

In the immediate afterglow of The College Dropout, as Kanye was just getting used to being a household name, the first acts that he gave guest verses to were groups that were trying to make the same backpacker crossover that he did. Relishing his new guest-star status on Slum Village's "Selfish," he anoints himself the "new version of Pete Rock." But the song is not so much a heat rock as it is a lighthearted relationship rap, one in the vein of the tune that broke Slum Village through to radio a couple years earlier, "Tainted." More than most Kanye verses from the era, his rhymes on "Selfish" feel like a 2004 time capsule, with references to 3LW and Fonzworth Bentley, as well as an heiress-tweaking line that sounds a little funnier now given recent events: "I got Paris, he got Nicky/He tried to get him a clone." Al Shipley