Long before the days of OVO, Drake was a star on the Canadian teen drama show, Degrassi. You already knew this. But did you know when he says "Started From The Bottom" he literally means the bottom of the house, as in the basement? You will now. In this resurfaced clip from Degrassi: Unscripted, Drake gives fans a tour of his mom's house in Forest Hill, a neighborhood in central Toronto.

We've seen Drizzy drive up to his mom's house in the "Started From The Bottom" video in a Bentley Continental GTC, but long before that he was cruising around in a 2004 Acura TSS. Before getting a tour of Drake's space, we meet his grandmother, and his mom, Sandi, who's sitting at the dining room table writing a to-do list. A typical day in the life for Aubrey.

His mom only owns the bottom half of the house (another pun intended) but Drake's got the whole basement to himself. We get a tour of everything from a table plastered with photos of Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Notorious B.I.G., and Pharrell—his inspirations—to drawers filled with rap notebooks. 

"We missed a very important thing, I write songs. I do music," Drake says as he starts sifting through notebooks filled with songs and lyrics, before he spits a few bars. "I been a mess since every girl I left went and got a new man/But I'm the new version of Fresh Prince/And the Benz got bump for real/I switch wifey every season like Uncle Phil."

Drake also shows off photos of his dad, Dennis Graham, who he reveals worked with Al Green at one point. Catch a tour of Drake's childhood home in the video above.

[via Unkut]

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