Album: Soul on Ice
Label: Patchwerk/Priority/EMI
Producer: VoooduChuck D once said, "Rap is CNN for black people," a window into the hoods that cameras wouldn't go into. With "Nature of the Threat," Ras Kass shows hip-hop could also be The History Channel—if The History Channel showed someone reading a very long passage from an alternative textbook no one had ever thought to publish for a whole slough of reasons.

Though he makes some interesting points, like how Blacks shouldn't salute the American flag because Jews don't do the same for Swastikas, it's largely lost in the long and detailed tangent on how homosexuality had shaped modern times, as if there's a connection between Greeks molesting their boys in gymnasiums and God being gay, or something. He also talks about how AIDS was created in a lab and how Thanksgiving Day is somehow related to the country Turkey. But ultimately it's just a long run-on sentence that never ends because it just keeps going on and on and then you wake up in a pool of sweat, notice a sign for a gymnasium, and all you can think is, "Oh no."