Label They Almost Signed To: Maybach Music Group
Label They Ended Up Signing To: N/A
Circa: 2010

If you asked your favorite rapper to name influences, there’s a strong chance he or she would point to Corona, Queens legend Kool G Rap. G Rap’s career has spanned four decades, with the height of his popularity coming in the late '80s “Golden Era,” as part of DJ Marley Marl’s mighty Juice Crew. This year, he surprised many by revealing, in an interview with the Recognize the Movement website that after he recorded a verse a verse on Rick Ross’s “Knife Fight” in 2010, the two discussed joining forces. “He wanted me to sign with Maybach Music. So we was on that page for a second. But things just didn’t work out with the contract.” There were no hard feelings. “I like Ross a lot as far as an artist,” he said. “And personalwise, too."