Song: "Clique" (2012)
Album: Cruel Summer
Conscious Or Ign'ant?: Ign'ant

The ign'ancy of "Clique" is not a rejection of "consciousness—it's an equally potent power move. Because when you get down to it, isn't "conscious" just another prescription the white establishment uses to define and control rappers? Kanye knows he should save his money; he knows he should invest; he knows the "right" thing, and the "smart" thing, and that being right and being smart are too often equated with a system of traditional white values. So screw them and screw you too. Whatever you want him to be, 'Ye will turn in the opposite direction, if only because that's the only way to stay free and to stay truthful. Make it 80 chains, or make it 800—because the chains that you choose for yourself will never bind you like the expectations of the outside world.