Bodega Bamz“I’ve always been a fashionable nigga. I always been a trendsetter in my hood and you can ask niggas. So when I saw that I was No. 13 on Complex’s The 25 Most Stylish Rappers From NYC Right Now, I was happy, because whether I’m 13 or I’m No. 1, I appreciate that shit. I appreciate that people are noticing me now.

“I wear the bandana to the side because growing up I was a huge 2Pac fan. He gave me the attitude of not giving a fuck, as I know he’s given to a lot of young Black and Latino males. So the bandana to the side, that’s to pay homage to Pac.

“Right now, one of my designers, I’ve got him making leather jerseys for me. We’re bringing that back out because Puffy was a big inspiration to me growing up, too. Puffy was the man with the leathers and the shiny suits, and I feel like that’s Harlem. That’s flamboyance. I’m bringing that shit back.


Spend $400-$500 on some Tom Ford cologne and smell good, because women love that.


“I’m not a brand whore. I’m not a person who indulges expensively in brands because brands die. When you dress, it’s supposed to be a lifestyle. I’m not a person who will buy one piece of Gucci and be like, 'I’m Gucci this, Gucci that.' I feel like with high fashion brands, you have to have every piece of that brand on your body. If I’ma wear Gucci, I’m going to wear Gucci from head to toe. I can’t wear a Gucci shirt and then wear APC denim, it doesn’t make sense.

“Obviously I’ve never had the money to afford the whole outfit of Gucci, so I’ve always bought separate pieces. I dress what I can afford, I’m not trying to front. If you’re fashionable, the more money you make then you start dressing better. There are a lot of niggas who get money, but they’re not fashionable; they look dumb, they look like bums.

“The way you dress says a lot about your pocket. A lot of people pull it off and they look like they’re rich, but they’re really broke. I don’t want to dress in camouflage and hoodies until I’m 35 years old. The more money I get, I’m going to start dressing nicely.

“Pitbull dresses like success. That’s how you’re supposed to dress, especially a Latino male. Shirt half open with the belt and the shoes—success. Pitbull shows you that he’s got money. I took a page from his book. Women love that. So throw some cologne on. Niggas don’t wear cologne, niggas smoke weed. Spend $400-$500 on some Tom Ford cologne and smell good, because women love that shit.”