What Does Kanye West's June Eighteen Tweet Mean?

Date: May 2

June Eighteen. Kanye West deleted all of his previous tweets—as per usual—before he tweeted June Eighteen.

Twitter went insane—everyone, everywhere, was speculating that it was an album release date. And then it was confirmed. And then it was unconfirmed. And everyone just got really tired of guessing what the hell he was referencing.

It could have been a few things—new music, Kim K's due date, new album release, a celebration honoring Sally Ride as the first woman in space on June 18, 1983. Whatever. It's most likely Kim K's due date, which Kanye would obviously release new music on so that the two could enjoy each other's company, and Kanye's soothing vocals, while in the delivery room.

Plus, don't you think it's clever that Kanye would prepare music to drop on Kim's due date? And don't you think Kanye West is smarter than the average human being and already is planning some insane day of music, birth, and a child named Knorth West (the K's a nod to the Kardashian family, getit?). Yeah, so we thought. Until then. —Lauren Nostro

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